Open Call - Become a Part of The Curated Curatorial Council!

Open Call - Become a Part of The Curated Curatorial Council!

Communal curating is the foundation of our platform and for the development of Web3 Art. That’s why we decided to organise an open call for Digital Art and Museum Curators who are ready to explore and navigate the Web3 space. All successful applicants will be accepted as verified curators and become candidates for the Curatorial Council. As an applicant with a proven curatorial track record you will:

  • Gain an exclusive access to the platform
  • You will be accepted as a verified curator
  • Get rewards for platform activities
  • You will take part in electing new members in TheCurated Curatorial Council.

A jury will select ten applications by curators who will become top candidates to be elected onto the Curatorial Council by The Curated DAO.

The Curatorial Council - Role

The Curatorial Council organises regular meetings, where members actively discuss the development of the Curated platform and make crucial decisions, approving Gem Submissions, Curatorial Projects, Elections, Webzine articles and Curator’s Choices.

The Chief Curator appoints 50% of the council, while The Curated DAO elects the remaining 50% through transparent elections held every quarter. A set of incentives streamlines collective efforts to identify meaningful artworks for screening by the curatorial council, which approves art for The Curated Feed.

The Curatorial Council - Structure

Today our Curatorial Council consists of art professionals from the Luminous Art Foundation:  Snejana Krasteva (Chief Curator), Anne Duffau (Senior Curator) and Andrea Misiano (Curator-at-Large). We are aiming to expand the Curatorial Council and make more curator’s voices heard in our community.

To apply send us:

  • Your short bio (max 150 words)
  • Curatorial statement (max 250 words)
  • Selection of 5-6 artworks from various platforms you think have great artistic value (a list with links is enough at this stage).

Application Deadline is June 1st, 5pm BST.

Become a part of The Curated and change the future of Web3 Art.

Apply before June 1st!